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Clutch Master Follow-up

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Clutch Master Follow-up Empty Clutch Master Follow-up

Post by DrJ on Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:43 am

Progress Report:

After much fabrication and fitting, the new Wilwood clutch pedal and master are installed in the car. The brackets I made up are rock solid and fit well to the firewall. I did extend the fluid reservoir back into the engine compartment so as to facilitate filling and bleeding. To bleed this thing I tried a similar approach to how I set up the brakes on my aircraft. I purchased a hand crank glo fuel pump from Tower Hobbies, 12.00 no shipping. It has fittings that accommodate the clear flexible tubing I am using to interface with the bleeder nipples. I hooked the hand pump up to the slave bleeder and pumped fluid up from the slave threw the master and on to the res. By myself it took five minutes and it's done, no air, pedal feels good.
I tried again to wiggle the T5 in that last 5/8" but still no joy. I pulled the thing back out, dropped the exhaust and engine, took off the BH and pressure plate and realigned the clutch disk a second time. While apart I removed the original BH clutch fork pivot ball. The way it was initially was that the fork extended out the side of the BH at an angle favoring the back of the car. This required adjusting the slave pushrod to it's extreme length so as to get something going that might just work. All this bothered me, just bad geometry. The solution was found on Novak's web site, an adjustable length clutch fork pivot ball. Once installed you can adjust the length of the pivot with an allen wrench. As the ball extends toward the clutch the fork swings forward until perpendicular with the long axis of the drive train or in my case just forward of that. The Slave pushrod is now a normal length with plenty of adjustment in it for the future if required. Put everything back together, slid the T5 back in to within 1/2" frackin joy. Had the wife push the newly charged clutch pedal to the floor...wiggle good.
Finally in an act of desperation, installed the four bolts and began slowly and carefully
tightening, something the internet warns about never doing (skull and cross bone kind of warnings). The resistance of the bolts was increasing to the point that I was about to stop when....klink in she went. She must have been misaligned by like a 32nd or so and just needed a tad of persuasion.
So to wrap up, the T5 is finally in, she is officially a 5-speed vs 4-speed with appropriate ratios for a 3:1 rear. The new Wilwood clutch pedal with it's 6:1 ratio is butter soft to push (the original set up was more appropriate to a Mac truck) and the adjustable pedal pad has allowed enough room for a dead pedal for my left foot.
One year in the making but done and way better a set up than when I got her on all counts. Now on to the front suspension issues.


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