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Pedals too close

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Pedals too close Empty Pedals too close

Post by Jeff Richards on Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:34 am


Just picked up my Sebring and the brake pedal is way too close to the Accelerator pedal. It appears to have the Mustang II pedal set with brake & clutch pedals. I can only drive it with shoes off! Has anyone else found a solution for this. It all appears to have been installed per the Sebring assembly manual.


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Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards

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Pedals too close Empty Pedals to Close

Post by DrJ on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:09 am

With my purchase of a MX I too found the pedal configuration less than ideal. The gas pedal was situated in such a way as to cause rubbing of your foot along side of the transmission tunnel at about the half way point of it's travel. The solution there was to weld up a bracket that moved the pedal toward the driver a short distance. I also incorporated an adjustable travel limiter so as not to stretch the cable.

The second issue was that there was not enough room on the left side of the clutch pedal for a dead pedal or even to park your left foot while cruising. Initially I removed the interior carpet and panel that was installed on the left lower section of the cockpit, this actually provided over an inch of space. I would come up with a less space occupying method of trimming out the foot box later. Next I removed the clutch pedal and trimmed of the portion of the metal pad that extended left of the arm. This left me with a narrower but acceptable clutch pedal and I now had room to park my foot on a dead pedal.

This all changed when I decided to replace my clutch pedal and hydraulic system with a Wilwood unit. Their pedal comes with a non-slip metal pad that is adjustable left and right. It has a 6:1 mechanical advantage, much more that the stock pedal ratio and as such should generate a softer pedal. Because it is a reverse mount unit with the master located inside the cockpit it eliminates the firewall interference issue with the break booster, and finally the master-pedal push rod is now horizontal as compared with the angle approach of the original.

I liked Wilwoods adjustable no-slip pad so much I ordered a second pad (330-11280 at a cost of 8.93 plus 5.00 shipping) and will attach it to the break pedal. Now both pedals are adjustable left and right and have the same appearance.

Hope some of that helps.


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Pedals too close Empty Re: Pedals too close

Post by Terry Crist on Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:02 am

The Cobra guys have the same issue. A lot wear racing shoes while driving instead of regular shoes.
Terry Crist
Terry Crist

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Pedals too close Empty Re: Pedals too close

Post by Loren Tungesvick on Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:11 pm

I drive mine wearing sandals..easier than tearing into a car that someone else had been driving for over 20 years.

Loren Tungesvick

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Pedals too close Empty Re: Pedals too close

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