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Banging and Rattling

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Banging and Rattling Empty Banging and Rattling

Post by Outdoor1 on Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:47 pm

Love my Saxon MX, but when I drive it, especially when it hits a pothole, even a small one, there is a very load banging noise, sounds like from maybe the front suspension. Had it checked at a local shop by a kid and we didn't see any loose suspension parts. Also, the drivers door hits the body when closing the door and bot doors rattle bad. Part of this is related to how rough/firm the suspension is on this. Any body have similar problems and what did you do?


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Banging and Rattling Empty Re: Banging and Rattling

Post by David V. on Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:25 pm

Door rattling is very likely the window sliders or sealing strips at the top being loose. You'd need to take your door card off to check.

I assume you mean that the door hits the rear door jam? You might have some hinge adjustment you can play with, but the fiberglass panels on these cars were never perfect. My passenger side door rubs and lifts a bit when closing.

Banging and shaking may be what is referred to as "scuttle shake" a very common problem on old-fashioned convertibles that don't benefit from the rigidity afforded by a roof. There are some attempts at solutions, such as a triangulated brace between the dash cross-bar and the frame (mentioned in some other posts on here). I'd also check the steering rack mounts and A-arm bushings for issues. Hope this helps!
David V.
David V.

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