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Article in Kitcar mangazine

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Article in Kitcar mangazine Empty Article in Kitcar mangazine

Post by MC247 on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:51 pm

Hi Everyone,

Build update first!

Our build is coming along, my son and I mounted our new Mustang II front end, upper and lower a-arms, this reduces weight and also removes the need for those ugly lower struts. Some welding to do on the gussets, but looks solid and went in with no problem. QA1 coilover springs went in on Sunday, mounted in place and looking sharp, love the black control arms with chrome strut and spring. We went with a manual rack and pinion (reduces front end weight and reduces load on engine without a power steering pump) added this past weekend as well. Today our brakes, spindles, rotors (11inch) all arrived so another weekend building looks like. We also mounted SR Performance upper and lower control arms on the rear end to hang the 8.8 rear axle. We also decided while we had it out on the shop floor to replace the upper bushings on both sides of the axles as they looked a bit tired.

Next we'll tackle the drum to disc conversion on the rear axle. We're going to replace the axles to support 5 bolt hub, like our front end and switch it over to disc on the rears. We've (over beers) been kicking around swapping out the driveshaft from the stock one to an all aluminium from SR Performance, seems it will reduce my drive shaft weight by about 50 lbs and with the SR Performance arms, will ensure we have good power/traction at the rear end, we're going to go with a QA1 spring and strut on the rear we've decided with a spring load of 175 lbs (although 150 could be fine..still researching), this should allow for some adjustments etc....still not sure on the driveshaft swap as I think the drive shaft might need shortening, which then means re-balancing and extra $$$'s.

Engine is about to be torn down and rebuilt, I was going to send it out to a local shop, but they wanted ridiculous money for an engine with 27K on it, so my son and I decided we'll do it ourselves, with guidance from a mechanic friend I know. Our plan is to change out headers, cam and a few other items to add some additional power, getting it up in the 300HP range, its a stock 302 5.0HO fuel injected which was 225HP and 300lbs/torque (as my wife pointed out "do really need that much power?" hahaha...grin...hell yeah!), so not a long stretch to boost it slightly. Lots of options on the market, depends on how deep the pockets are and what the boss will me spend!

Side Note: I was reading my KitCar magazine and read the enclosed article. It's a PDF of the page I took. Seems I can't uploaded directly, so I've added a link to it on my dropbox. Its announcing the sebring and MX are now available from the UK! although they are offering it with a BMW engine and its not the original ones we all own, but looks pretty close.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Here's the aricle in my dropbox: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Cheers all. Will post more build progress as we go.


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Article in Kitcar mangazine Empty Re: Article in Kitcar mangazine

Post by Duehew on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:56 pm

Sounds like you are putting together a great ride. Thanks for the info.

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