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Re-start with New Drivetrain

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Re-start with New Drivetrain Empty Re-start with New Drivetrain

Post by DrJ on Mon May 25, 2015 8:48 am

Well after 18 months on jack stands the Healey is again resting on concrete. I drained the oil to check for signs of water as it was loosing coolant before the tranny swap began, all clear. I had during the process noted definite signs of coolant leaking form valves installed (gas ball valves) inline of the heater supply/return hoses. I tightened up the clamps but obviously these have to go. Replaced the oil, tossed in new plugs and wires and turned the key. She resisted at first but coughed back to life and ran pretty smoothly. Then....

Dumped the clutch and searched for 1st...nothing. Actually can not find any gear at all, no crunching, just hitting a wall at each gate location. To fill you all in I picked up the WC T5 from a member and had it opened and inspected by a reputable shop. Needed a seal but got their approval. I installed a Hurst shifter as the original one on the WC T5 was angled (this particular T5 is clocked over 18 degrees to fit the Camaro. My new bellhousing has it mounted at 12:00). After I had the T5 back into the car I dry shifted it and found 1-3rd OK but could not get them all. This seemed OK because that often is the case in a car that is not actually running. Last week when I was checking the new shortened driveshaft universals for binding, I had the wife spinning the rear tires as I felt for any signs of clunking, all good. While it was jacked up I had her turn the tires as I tried to shift into a gear. Never found any but I did feel teeth trying to mesh in 4th. As I tried to force it the wife mentioned the tires were harder to turn as expected. When I hit the clutch it became easier for her indicating the clutch was releasing. Then the first run yesterday.

The fact that I could not produce any crunching of gears (foot off clutch) seems to indicate something is wrong with the Hurst although it's installation seemed fool proof. Top loading transmission, swap the plastic cup that they provided, drop the ball stem from the shift handle into the cup, bolt it down, what could go wrong?

I'll reach out to the tranny shop tomorrow, see what they suggest but wanted to share.


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