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who needs a/c and power steering...

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who needs a/c and power steering... Empty who needs a/c and power steering...

Post by MC247 on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:43 am

Morning all,

Firstly, thank god for this forum! I appreciate having a place to discuss/exchange and ask questions, appreciate all the help and suggestions so far - thank you.

Now. A few weeks back our 89 302 5.0 HO came back from our engine builder, he tore the engine down and rebuilt it all, replaced a few cracked and damaged parts with new components (engine had sat in a garage since 1990 when it was removed from the doner car), valves, pistons, rods, bearings etc. We had the headers painted red like the car color, looks amazing. So now we're adding on some upgrades, might as well start from ground zero we figured, and we are starting to put the engine back together, new water pump, valve covers, alternator, plug wires, distributor, shorties etc etc.

After much head scratching we decided to also reduce the weight on the front end of the car by putting in a manual steering rack, upper and lower a-frame control arms and QA1 adjustable front shocks. Further, we opted to remove the A/C unit and power steering from the car, this should save us another 20 - 40lbs of front end weight and few extra HP.

Question: I've seen people online use A/C eliminator kits and P/S eliminator kits along with a smog pump eliminator, then you run a new belt around the crank shaft pulley, water pump and alternator and we should be good to go....I think....?


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