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Fuse block legend

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Fuse block legend Empty Fuse block legend

Post by e023942 on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:15 am

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I've had my Sebring MX for just a few days. It took a couple days to get my brake lights to work. I was frustrated in my troubleshooting because the car's build manual has no fuse block legend (e.g. "this slot takes a 10 amp fuse that powers the parking lights and turn signals"). There are drawings of harnesses, but I can't find anything that says which fuses belong where, and what circuits they serve. The fuse block appears in the harness drawing as a simple outline, no detail is provided and no fuses are specified (at least I haven't found so far).

The dangling 10 amp fuse in the second foto was the fix. It looks like a previous owner's workaround, that came unplugged from the fuse block. Or is that the way God and Classic Roadsters intended?

Does anybody have a fuse block legend or key that they can share?

Bob M


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