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Chevette door latch mechanism

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Chevette door latch mechanism

Post by rossakin on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:14 pm

The latch mechanism I an getting ready to install seems to work OK but there is no return to the open position of the paw that engages the bolt on the jam. Most latches I have looked at when the paw is in the closed position and either handle is pulled the paw opens with a spring. The latches I have the handle has to be held open while the door is being opened. This is OK when opening from the outside since one is pulling on the handle while opening but on the inside I am not accustom to pulling on the handle and pushing the door open at the same time. Is this how the Chevette latches are supposed to work or am I missing something? Is there enough compression on the rubber door seal that the door springs open when the handle is pulled?


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